About Throwdown

Throwdown, an Esports organization, plays competitively in NBA 2k’s Pro-Am $250,000 tournament. Last year, Throwdown placed as the No.1 seed in 2K’s Road to the Finals event, but lost to the runner’s up of the tournament, GFG. Fast forward to this year’s tournament and Throwdown, hungry for revenge, brings back the same five members from 2K16’s No. 1 ranked team: DevGoss (PG), iiNnsaniTTy (SG), Let’s Ball Up (SF), Mootyy (PF), and PcRoSs11 (C) with the key addition of swingman ChuckT412.



Why Support Throwdown?

We are one of if not the most active competitive NBA 2k E-sports organizations on social media. The reason we fans gravitate towards us is because we are genuine with our audience. Like any team (or family) we disagree and argue, but at the end of the day, we are brothers and have been for 4 years of 2k (since 2K14).

We are exponentially growing our digital presence, gaining over 800 Twitch followers in less than 2 months. We also have over 50 YouTube subscribers with less than a handful of videos uploaded to our channel. Once we begin to consistently upload, which we fully intend on starting, we will have a multi-channel stream of traffic to our content.